7 Reasons You Should Consider Buying A Vape Pen

vape pensIf you can compare the popularity of vape pens then and now, you will notice how much bigger the industry has grown. More and more people have been migrating to vaping of course for all the good reasons. The market of the vapes crosses not only to those people who are looking to quit smoking, but people are using vaporizer pen for different purposes. With more and more cannabis bills being turned into law in different parts of the world, the vaporizer market widens even more. There are so many reasons why you should use a vape pen, here are some of them.

1. Vaporizer is Unregulated

In most parts of the world, lighting a cigarette in public can put you in some serious trouble. With anti-smoking campaigns intensifying in different parts, the government protects the health of non-smokers, thus discouraging the use of cigarettes in public. The case when it comes to vaporizers is different. The industry so far is unregulated in most parts of the country. This means you could use a vape pen anywhere you feel like. There are some states that are looking to regulate the use of vaporizers, but the fact is that this is not yet a reality. The bottom line is, you can enjoy using your vaporizer pen anywhere.

2. Slim and Highly Portable

One huge advantage of using vape pens is that they are slim, small and highly portable. If you would want to use your vapes on the go, you will have no problem with convenience at all. Vaporizers can comfortably fit in a pocket, hand back or a bag pack without feeling weighted down at all.

3. Vape Pens Charge Faster

The small size of their battery can be both an advantage and a drawback at the same time. The small battery used on vape pen makes them highly portable. However, even the best vape cannot hold a battery charge for a long time. A decent battery may last you a day. Fortunately, due to their small size, they tend to charge fairly fast. A completely drained battery can, however, take a couple of hours but your vaporizer pen can be charged and be ready to use within less than 30 minutes.

4. Can Be Used for Medical Reasons

The main reason people use vaporizers is to allow a healthy substitute to smoking. It is used as a means to end the bad habit by providing a nicotine fix without burned elements. Though there is still a debate of whether it has the ability to stop people from smoking, the fact that it does not produce smoke means fewer irritants to the lungs. This means that lungs related problems like bronchitis can be prevented. According to research, 95% of smoke can be removed the use of vapes.

5. Economic In The Long Lung

A majority of people switch to vapes due to the financial side of things. Smoking is incredibly costly, and you are likely to waste a lot of cash on it. Could you imagine saving some money while saving your lungs at the same time? If you start using a vaporizer, you will notice that it does not have to drain your money as such. You can acquire a vaporizer pen for as cheap as $30 though there are some other better quality ones that go up to $700. According to research, a smoker who takes cigarettes spends up to $3000 a year. Now you see how big you can save by using a vaporizer.

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6. No smoke or Smell

When you are a smoker, you may tend not to realize the kind of smoke you are emitting to people around you and the smell you are creating with that smoke. For non-smokers around you, it truly smells bad, and you too smell bad as well. Using a vape pen generates no smoke or smell whatsoever. You can happily smoke around other people without any fear of causing irritation.

7. Wide Flavor Options

Vaporizer pens are available in a broad range of flavors. You can interchange those flavors at any time. You are able to choose between something savory and something sweet, it all depends on you. The fact that there is a broad range of flavors means that you will be able to find something that matches with what you love.

Bottom Line

There is absolutely no reason why you should not pick on a vape pen. The advantages of using a vaporizer pen grow day by day. Whether you are looking to improve your health or save some money, a vape pen is an incredible investment